Bluecollar - Quality Controller

Bluecollar is an (secondment) agency in the packaging industry of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. For example, we assemble, package, and label the medical products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. At Bluecollar we are currently growing fast, which is why we are looking for motivated quality controllers to enable this growth. 

In this position you would be partly responsible for controlling the quality of the production. This will entail that you will have authority over the quality of the production on your shift. Because we are working with medical and pharmaceutical products the quality of our production is most important. 


  • Quality control of outgoing products. 
  • Release of the production batch to the warehouse to assure the quality standards of the customer are met. 
  • In-process control of production 
  • Preparation of documentation for complaints for non-compliant raw materials and finished products. 
  • Release of finished products 
  • Ensure that there is always enough cleaning agents and cleanroom clothing available 
  • Supervision of insecticidal lamps, rodent paws, temperature. 
  • Demonstrating initiative and consistency in planning and achieving goals. 
  • Caring for a friendly atmosphere at work. 
  • Willingness to continuous improvement. 

Required Skills:

  • Ability to set priorities 
  • Proficient in English 
  • Assertiveness 
  • Flexibility 
  • communication 
  • Basic computer skills 
  • Ability to solve problems 
  • Ingenuity and initiative 
  • Willingness to constantly improve and develop 

What we offer:

  • We offer a competitive salary 
  • A shift work allowance of 14% on top of your salary 
  • A travel allowance of a maximum of € 6.00 per day. (Maximum 120 euros per month) 
  • Many career opportunities for good work.